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Agro Inc is an integrated provider of agricultural products and services linking farmers to markets. Our agro-industrial firm specializes in the establishment and management of industrial as well as smallholders' plantations and allied processing and down stream industries. The primary focus of our tree crops centers on oil palm and natural rubber plantations. Agro Inc recently diversified activities towards rubberwood harvesting and cassava production and processing.

As a leading West African agribusiness providing post-harvest services, Agro Inc bridges the gaps in the value chain to connect producers and users of agri-commodities through origination, processing, marketing and distribution capabilities and services. Our complete integration allows us to add value and manage the various risks along the supply chain from the farm gates in the producing countries to the factory gates of our customers in destination markets.

Our success in partnering with local farmers and farm-owners is the result of a commitment to excellence, a focus on the importance of corporate citizenship as a cornerstone value, and the triumph of the human spirit. Our processing activities in West African countries continue to help transfer technology, build local capability, create employment, and generate higher foreign exchange earnings for these economies.

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Community & Sustainability

Agro, Inc. has been a major sponsor for the formation of the Oil Palm Association of Liberia (OPAL). Consisting of growers and processors of oil palm and oil palm products in Liberia, OPAL serves as the single voice representing member and oil palm industry interests to the government of Liberia, statutory bodies, as well as other internal and external stakeholders.

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