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Because of our strong presence in Liberia's agricultural value chain, we are constantly seeking investment and partnership opportunities to increase our capacity. One of the ways we achieve this is to form viable equal partnerships, as an investment strategy and as a means to effectively compete and capitalize on market demands. Locally, Agro, Inc. has also contributed equity or financing to projects that are at the intersection of community needs and our business interests.

At Agro, Inc., we make it our business to strengthen our partners? capacity in order to increase their profit margins in a way that promotes growth and empowers their respective communities. By exploiting synergies between our capabilities and the operations of our partners, our joint ventures offer the prospect for organic growth, especially for plantation companies, market expansion, and risk-hedged diversification.

As a part of our Developing Nations Initiative (DNI), we invest in projects and programs that promote social development, build human capacities, and address host government priorities for investments. Our strategy has been to identify and address priority food and cash crop/non-crop systems where productivity gains will lead to significant impacts on the economy and improvements in household livelihoods of those involved in the agriculture sector.

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