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Work Philosophy


The Agro, Inc. family employs a mixture of talented local and international staff from the plantation and milling line level, through logistics and marketing, and on to management. Our work philosophy is simple. We must put our employees in the best possible position ? equipped with the necessary skill sets ? to provide the highest caliber agro-industry products and services for our clients, and, when they excel, we must recognize and reward them. We achieve this using a three-point approach:

Shared wealth: Ensuring staff benefit directly from economic success by distributing the fruits of their labor and giving each the opportunity to become a shareholder.

Shared know-how: Informing and training staff, thus enabling them to gradually take on greater responsibility and grow as a person in a context of career development.

Shared power: Fostering personal initiative and greater responsibility through a relationship built on trust and the active participation of all concerned.

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